All to Dust

Into the fortress

Duncan felt the need to leave with weak and flimsy excuses. Iris was hurt and confused at this. The next day Grall saw a storm giant and went off to fight it. The party started to follow, but was too slow to stop the bear from tossing Grall off and mauling him.
Zora reverted to her typical silence and being solitary. They finally arrived at the city and discovered the the king was not married and enjoyed courtesans. They formed a plan. Iris and Shawna would go in as entertainment. Briath would sneak in with them and lower a rope for Zora.

A Murder Druid slipped into the city wanting to unbalance the status-quo. Despite the help of rats, she got very lost in poo. This was in part because she had been told where the better quality poo would be. Better quality poo meant a person who ate better, thus the ruler.
Iris and Shawna, in disguise, flirted their way to the magistrate. In the room with the magistrate he was looking over a check list. If the courtesan met the qualifications she got a pass and left by one door. If not, they were sent down a set of stairs. Down there was a Dragon/demon at bottom of stairs. Iris and Shawna didn’t pass, but ok’ed the 2 guards and the magistrate. They recalled the surviving courtesans and handed them passes and sent them on. With the room clear, they woke the magistrate and talked, but he didn’t know a lot.

Braithe got to a window, and tossed out a rope. Zora trouble climbing. “Next time knot rope” she muttered when she finally got in. While they were doing this Iris and Shawna went into by with the king. Iris- Your courtesans suck. The ladies were more like ladies of the night not trained entertainers.

The rest of the party and the Murder Druid entered the room. The king was an Eladrin, wearing black plate with red edging. It was a long, bloody fight. They managed to kill all but one guard. A thing came out of the king. It was a Soul Rider, and they killed that too! The Lt. was revived. Zora, grinning, showed the head to him.

In response to questioning the Lt said a dragon guarded the vault where the God Stone was.
They went to look at the situation. The dragon is chained to the door of the vault. On either side of the walkway were lava flows. At the far end of the walkway is a wooden door, which the dragon can reach. Exhausted and hurting, the party retried to the king’s room to rest. They had hoped to bluff and trick their way to a good rest to fully recover.

Luck was not with them.

Blaze that Trail

The party parked the ship at the edge of Estonian and loaded the trade goods into a cart and had it pulled by the cow. After many days of travel they came upon a homestead where a woman was crying, and near her was a trail of blood. The blood trail lead to a man and two young kids. Iris spoke to the woman and found out what had happened.

Duncan and Shawan went to the town’s tavern to see about family. While there, Puff enjoyed the wine Shawan bought. When she got the name and trade of family, the inn keeper offered to take her there. She gave the bottle to Duncan, and Puff hurled in Shawan’s pocket. By the time they got the boy and returned to the home, Grall, Zora, and Braith had finished burying the bodies.

The promised to bring justice to the bandits and bears. They followed the trail and they split up. Braith and Grall flanked the camp. Iris ran into camp crying for help as Zora, holding her sword chased her. Duncan and Shawan were following as if trying to help Iris.
In the fight one of the bandits was mauled by a captive bear. One of the bandits was taken alive. One of the bears ran off, the other Grall intimidated and claimed as a steed. When they left they were leading 6 white horses and breeding stock. The party returned to the homestead.

They handed the captive over to the son. The party used their skills to help the boy kill the bandit. They returned the breeding stock and bought 5 of the horses. The son named the party, posing as merchants, “Merchants of Death.”

Agonis, Home of the Celstial Order

The party parked outside the capital of Agonis. They entered and Duncan was arrested at once. Iris refused to let the party be split and they all went to see the Magistrate. Iris stressed the urgency of their trip there, and the help they’d given in the fight. Iris managed to get them to see the king.

There they discovered that Duncan was wanted because SHE was trained as a knight and served. Such things were by law for men only. Pulling out all of her royal beaing, Iris, using Rubies diplomatic papers, made an agreement with the king. A pardon for Duncan, as well as additional protection on the God Stone in exchange for the party going into Estonan and bringing back Emilio’s head.

As a bounus the party will get control of another Goad Stone and protecting it from the Changling. Off they went going along the coast to find a place close to Estonan’s capital but not close enough to cause problems.

Burning Sky Scorched Earth

The party had ensured the safety of a God Stone and decided to visit Agonis and Estonan. Duncan was very reluctant to visit Agonis, due to his exile. He knew that it could be … fatal to return. Iris insisted, so off they went to war torn Agonis and Estonan.
En-route they flew over a battle and a red dragon and its rider attacked. The dragon was hauled over the ship and the rider knocked off. As the fight progressed, underlings were launched by catapults to land on the ship. Several of them were killed, one tossed off the ship to go splat. Another surrendered. The rider was taken captive.

In the fight, Zora went down. After a healing she got back up and began, in Draconian, rained insults on the dragon. Shawna, was amazed at just what Zora was saying. After the dragon was down, Zora continued to hack the dragon to pieces. Iris tried to get Zora to stop, but ended up having to get the others to help her push the body off the ship. Zora roared in rage.
When the others commented that it was a large dragon, she insisted it was small.

Zora being talkative. Zora going butcher on the dragon. And she knows quite a bit about dragons. Curious.


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