All to Dust

Burning Sky Scorched Earth

The party had ensured the safety of a God Stone and decided to visit Agonis and Estonan. Duncan was very reluctant to visit Agonis, due to his exile. He knew that it could be … fatal to return. Iris insisted, so off they went to war torn Agonis and Estonan.
En-route they flew over a battle and a red dragon and its rider attacked. The dragon was hauled over the ship and the rider knocked off. As the fight progressed, underlings were launched by catapults to land on the ship. Several of them were killed, one tossed off the ship to go splat. Another surrendered. The rider was taken captive.

In the fight, Zora went down. After a healing she got back up and began, in Draconian, rained insults on the dragon. Shawna, was amazed at just what Zora was saying. After the dragon was down, Zora continued to hack the dragon to pieces. Iris tried to get Zora to stop, but ended up having to get the others to help her push the body off the ship. Zora roared in rage.
When the others commented that it was a large dragon, she insisted it was small.

Zora being talkative. Zora going butcher on the dragon. And she knows quite a bit about dragons. Curious.


Zora lost it and said more to the dragon in Draconic that she’d said just about the entire time she was with the party. This was before hacking the body to pieces after the battle.

Burning Sky Scorched Earth

Noted, like it says i will elaborate on it later, unless someone else wishes to Write the Adventure logs. Perhaps you?

Burning Sky Scorched Earth

Heheheh. Let me at it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I don’t even need no stinkn magic book to do it!

Burning Sky Scorched Earth

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