All to Dust

Agonis, Home of the Celstial Order

The party parked outside the capital of Agonis. They entered and Duncan was arrested at once. Iris refused to let the party be split and they all went to see the Magistrate. Iris stressed the urgency of their trip there, and the help they’d given in the fight. Iris managed to get them to see the king.

There they discovered that Duncan was wanted because SHE was trained as a knight and served. Such things were by law for men only. Pulling out all of her royal beaing, Iris, using Rubies diplomatic papers, made an agreement with the king. A pardon for Duncan, as well as additional protection on the God Stone in exchange for the party going into Estonan and bringing back Emilio’s head.

As a bounus the party will get control of another Goad Stone and protecting it from the Changling. Off they went going along the coast to find a place close to Estonan’s capital but not close enough to cause problems.



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